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New Patients

We continually welcome new patients under the Medical Card scheme, those patients with PRSI and also private patients.

Medical Card Scheme

Under the current medical card scheme patients with a medical card are entitled to:

  • Free examination (1 per calendar year)
  • Two fillings (per calendar year)
  • Unlimited extractions
  • Full Dentures (providing they are over 5 years) Requires Approval
  • Root Canal Treatment on the front 6 teeth. (Requires approval)
  • Full Dentures providing they are over 5 years. (Requires approval)
  • Partial Dentures providing they are over 5 years and have at least one tooth missing at front. ( Requires approval)


Under the PRSI Scheme patients are currently entitled to:

  • Free examination (1 per calendar year)

The dentist or the Department will have the application forms.

These forms require details such as your Personal Public Service Number (PPSN).

If you are a dependent spouse or civil partner, you should give the PPSN of the insured person.

Gardai Medical Aid Scheme

On completion of your dental treatment you will receive a detailed written listing of your costs and any other information you require for the Gardai Medical Aid Scheme.